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Our samples pages will help you understand what Oscans can do for your images.
How should I scan my images?

Scanning Resolution
The appropriate resolution to scan an image depends on a variety of factors, including the intended purposes of the image and the image quality itself. Staff at Oscans are happy to help you decide which service best suits your needs.
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This old print, which is approximately 5cm squared was supplied by the Veerhuis family. When scanned at a high resolution, we often find that many 50 - 100 year old prints have an extraordinary amount of detail.

Scan from Print vs Film
Many people have large collections of film as well as prints, and are unsure which media to scan. Below is a comparison of a scan from a high quality print vs a film scan.
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5 x 3.5 inch high quality print by Anoma Nagasinghe. Image was scanned on a flatbed scanner as a print (top image) and its negative was also scanned by our HR 500 for comparison (bottom image).
When both options are available, it is typically better to scan from the original film than it is to scan from the print. In the printing process, information is often cropped from the edges and the detail is not as sharp as the original film. Additionally, Oscans applies Digital ICE technology to colour film images to remove the appearance of most dust and scratches.
In some cases, film has been damaged over time. If the film image is irreparably damaged it may be better to scan from the print. Our staff are happy to look over your photographs to make the best decision as to which type of media you should scan.