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Damage and Loss
Oscans treats every photo image as if it were our own irreplaceable image. This applies to every job and every client, irrespective of client type. However, unfortunate events due to any reason including human error may occur while photo media is in our care. Oscans takes every precaution to minimise the chance of damage, but if it does occur then the liability will not be upon Oscans.
We are not responsible for any damages that happen during transport to or from our facilities.
All risks are upon the owner of the film media.
In the case of unsatisfactory scans, if we judge that the fault is ours and we need to rescan, we will do so with these conditions:
  • You will need to return it to Oscans at your expense;
  • We will then scan the images with at least the resolution you originally ordered;
  • Each image will be inspected for quality control;
  • The film and digital images will be returned to you via Priority Paid Post at our expense;
  • If required, we will first send you small digital copies via e-mail for approval;
  • In addition, we will perform an additional scan for free from your next order, one for every one we had to re-scan.
If any of the above conditions or disclaimers are not to your satisfaction, you must not use the service of Oscans.
Contact Oscans if you wish to discuss any of these points further or to get any written clarification, please call us on 1300 138 970 or send an e-mail to enquire.