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Professional Photographic Collections
Oscans has high end, pro lab image capture equipment and a team of imaging specialists with extensive experience in handling the output requirements of professional photographers. Your professional photographic archives will be efficiently scanned to a high quality standard at a reasonable price.
All film images (including Kodachrome slides) will be scanned with the HR 500 Plus, Kodak's flagship scanner with inbuilt Digital ICE cleaning technology. Digital ICE uses infrared sensors to detect dirt, mould and scratches on the film as it moves through the scanner. The software then digitally removes its appearance from the image file, resulting in a clean scan with minimal defects. View our samples page to see how scans with our equipment compare to other scanners.
Our staff understand that professionals have particular colour requirements and specifications. Images will be scanned in TIFF format into the Adobe1998 colourspace unless otherwise requested. They will be supplied in full resolution TIFF and JPEG format as well as a lower resolution index format suitable for HDTV viewing. After scanning we will optimise the tones and colour of each file with our Photoshop batch processing techniques, or individually process files when extra attention is requested. Oscans will exceed your expectations, delivering beautiful results every time.
We have the capacity to scan and process large collections of film, including 135, 120 and 110 strips/rolls, photographic slides, and other transparencies up to 8 x 10 inches. We are also able to efficiently handle uncut rolls in 135 and 120 format and scan photographic prints larger than A4.
Make an appointment today for a free test scan and consultation, so that we can understand your preferences and requirements. We are happy to work with you from start to completion to ensure that you have beautiful images.
Common Scanning Resolutions
Below is a table detailing common scanning resolutions requested by professional photographers.
Media Type TIFF size (MB) Resolution Approx. Dimensions Approx.
6 x 4 25 600 3600 x 2400
100 1200 7200 x 4800
Old Prints (max) 1300 2400 24000 x 19200
35mm 20 2500 3300 x 2200
70 4200 6000 x 4000
6 x 45 25 1500 3300 x 2400
75 2700 5900 x 4400
6 x 6 30 1500 3300 x 3300
100 2700 6000 x 6000
6 x 7 30 1300 3000 x 3700
125 2700 5900 x 7400
6 x 9 30 1248 2700 x 4100
125 2500 5500 x 8100
6 x 17 260 2500   5400 x 16600
5 x 4 65 1200 5500 x 8200
255 2400 11000 x 8100  
Please Note: figures are approximations and vary depending on the actual size of the physical frames and masks.
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