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Welcome to the Oscans Blog
This blog contains events and experiences in scanning, analog photography, or other things that our clients and friends would be typically interested in.

Seven Network films a segment at Oscans for the Seven Sunday program
2011 November 3
At the time of writing, we cannot say what the segment is about. However, it is due to be presented on the Seven Network at 6:30 pm on Sunday, 13 November 2011. Suffice to say that it is about our involvement in a project of amazing historical significance.
Below are a couple of photos during the shoot.

A movie about the end of Kodachrome
2011 July 3
Dreamworks is planning a feature film to be made about the end of Kodachrome processing.

Hungarian Soldiers in Soviet Russian POW camps
2011 April 15
It is a very little known fact that Hungarian soldiers were incarcerated by the Soviets well after WWII ended. We recently scanned some tiny images that have been dated to 1947. Oscans is using them to show the incredible level of detail that can be extracted from some old print photographs. We have permission from the Mellar Family to reproduce on this website, an initial example is visible on the tope of the Family page.

Rare Eugene Goossens Portraits Archived
2011 April 8
Oscans was honoured this month to have the opportunity to scan long-unseen portraits of the extraordinary Eugene Goossens, who was the director of the NSW State Conservatorium of Music. He can be credited with the initiation and the location of the Sydney Opera House. Apart from the historical significance of the images, the photography was superb, and images date back to 1922 until the 1960s. We have requested the family to give us permission to reproduce on this website, and await confirmation.

Nikon Scanners Discontinued
2010 December 18
Nikon has officially announced that it will no longer produce any film scanners. This means that it is no longer possible to buy a good quality film scanner for under $20,000, and not possible to buy one that can scan Kodachrome with Digital ICE at any price.

Ansel Adams' 65 glass plate negatives have been found and authenticated - or have they?
2010 July 28
To do an Ansel Adams glass plate negative would be fantastic! This news item has yet to be fully confirmed, but even if the images are not authentic, they must surely be very impressive.
Articles at:
The Ansel Adams Gallery (casting doubt):

Palmer Tintype Archived
2010 February 15
This has been a great month for historical rarities. We have now had great experience with working with "Tintypes". They are images created by coating metal (usually steel or similar) with a photo sensitive emulsion, and processing them in such a way that a positive image is resolved. Due to the base material, these can be deteriorated, and the image is never very bright. However, the results we obtained were remarkable, and we look forward to the next one we get. We are requesting permission from the Palmer Family for reproduction here.

Holloway Glass Plate Negatives Archived
2010 February 3
We have scanned lots of great old glass plate negatives, and it can be astonishing how much information there can be retrieved. This month we were fortunate to archive the Holloway collection of family images that were preserved since 1910 on 5x7 glass plate negatives. We hope to detail the intricate process that we use to prepare the plates and capture the images with astonishing clarity. We are requesting permission from the Holloway Family for reproduction here.